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News | Feb. 8, 2024

Army Nurse Corps 123rd Birthday Celebration at WACH

By Cherry Langston

Weed Army Community Hospital recently commemorated the 123rd birthday of the Army Nurse Corps with a jubilant celebration. The brief event, filled with camaraderie and appreciation, showcased the dedication and resilience of the nursing staff serving within the esteemed Corps. Marked by a series of engaging activities, heartfelt messages, and reflections on service, the occasion underscored the invaluable contributions of nurses to military healthcare.

The festivities commenced with a special fitness workouts at Fort Irwin’s Box Gym and at sister site Yuma Proving Ground. The number of repetitions for each exercise in the circuit style training honored the numbers 123 and February, 2 1901, the corps’ founding. It served as a reminder of the importance of holistic health practices within the military community. 

A highlight of the celebration was the ceremonial cutting of the birthday cake, a tradition steeped in symbolism and camaraderie. As tradition dictates, the cake cutting was performed by the most senior and most junior nurse at the facility, symbolized unity and shared purpose. Educational displays adorned the venue, offering insights into the rich history and noble mission of the Army Nurse Corps.

The afternoon reached its pinnacle with a special message from the newly appointed Army Nurse Corps Chief, Jamie Burk. In his address, Chief Burk lauded the tireless efforts of the nurse corps staff, acknowledging their pivotal role in driving medical care excellence for the Army. He expressed profound gratitude for their initiative, passion, and unwavering commitment to the health and well-being of soldiers and their families.

This year's celebration resonated with the theme "Serving with Distinction and Healing with Compassion." It encapsulates the ethos and guiding principles that define the noble profession of nursing within the military context. Army nurses exemplify the highest standards of professionalism, courage, and compassion, standing as beacons of hope and healing in times of adversity.

The theme not only underscores the exceptional clinical skills and expertise of Army nurses but also highlights their innate capacity for empathy and human connection. Beyond administering treatments and procedures, they provide solace, comfort, and reassurance to those under their care, embodying the true essence of healing with compassion.

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