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Department of Behavioral Health Office

Behavioral health issues do not discriminate: they can occur in anyone's life. Whether you are active duty, family member or other beneficiary, behavioral health care at Weed Army Community Hospital is delivered in a compassionate manner designed to aid in recovery. Individual or group counseling is designed to help patients get through life's behavioral challenges. The Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) is staffed by military and civilian providers who provide outpatient assessment, diagnosis and treatment for behavioral health and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation to active duty Soldiers and their Family Members. Soldiers and Family Members may self-refer for evaluation.

Weed Army Community Hospital's Community Behavioral Health Service (CBHS) on Fort Irwin is designed to assist soldiers and individuals in coping more effectively with emotional stress/crisis such as depression, anxiety or stress resulting from illness and disability. Services are provided on an outpatient bases to all eligible military, civilian and family members. Access to crisis services are available 24 hours a day. After duty hours report or call the emergency room at 760-383-5555.

Community Behavioral Health Services for Fort Irwin include command consultation, psychiatric services, TBI & PTSD Screening, Psychological testing, Recruiting/Drill Sergeant Evaluations, individual counseling in areas such as: individual; mental status evaluations; prevention education classes (stress management, suicide prevention, effective communication); management of psychiatric disorders; relaxation therapy.

All non-active duty beneficiaries may seek outpatient mental health services without referral or authorization for the first eight visits during a fiscal year in order to receive Tricare coverage. When Tricare Prime beneficiaries go beyond eight outpatient visits in any given fiscal year, they must seek authorization for continuation of mental health care services from their regional contractor. Beneficiaries should check with their regional contractor to determine the process for obtaining outpatient mental health referrals and authorizations and Tricare when seeking care for the ninth visit and beyond. Certain outpatient services always require pre-authorization.

Department of Behavioral Health: Your Privacy

It is important for you to know that there are limits to the confidentiality of medical information.

This means that access to information in your case file is possible when required by law and/or regulation. We are required to keep a written summary of each of your visits in your case file. This is kept at our clinic separate from your medical record.

Examples of these limits to confidentiality are as follows:

  • If you are on active duty, your chain of command may have limited access to information contained in your case file (as governed by Army regulation).
  • Your case file may be subject to subpoena when ordered by a judge.
  • If we believe you intend to harm yourself or someone else, it is our ethical and professional duty to inform others as the circumstance requires.
  • In situations of suspected child or spouse abuse, it is required that we report this to the appropriate authorities.
  • If you tell us of violation of military regulations or law, we may have to inform others.
  • Other professionals associated with your care may have access to information on record in your case file without your written consent.

You may be seen in group therapy. If so, you and every other member of the group will be told that anything discussed is private. This includes the names of group members of any problems they discussed in group. This is not to be talked about with anyone outside the group. Confidentiality will exist only to the extent that each patient trusts and respects every other member of the group.

Demographic and relevant clinical information may be utilized for research and command consultation purposes. Information utilized for these purposes will not in any way be identified by name or social security number to maintain your privacy and confidentiality.

Our effectiveness resides in your trust and confidence in our desire to be therapeutic and maintain your privacy. We will strive to safeguard information obtained from you and ensure that only authorized sources have access in accordance with the above guidelines and the provisions of the Privacy Act. Please inquire at the Patient Administration Division/ Patient Affairs Office, if you have specific questions about the limits of confidentiality.

Useful Behavioral Health Links and Resources:

Suicide Prevention 

Suicide is a leading cause of death in the U.S. Army during peacetime. It is important to take a proactive stance on this issue to prevent suicide and respond to those who may be at risk. This page covers getting help fast, risk factors, signs and symptoms, and things you can do to help someone who is feeling suicidal.

Sexual Assault Support for the DoD community (24/7 SAFE Helpline - Telephone. and/or Online Text Operator)

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Please Note:
Access to crisis services are available to anyone 24 hours a day. After duty hours report or call the WACH emergency room at 760-383-5555 for help.

Standard CBHS Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Closed on Federal Holidays and selected training holidays.


Behavioral Health Clinic Main Desk:
COM: 760-383-5440

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