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About Us

About Us

"Army Medicine is Army Strong!"


USA MEDDAC-Fort Irwin & Defense Health Network-West provides medical mission command to generate readiness, training, and sustained health services in support of the National Training Center mission to train Army combat formations while improving quality of life and protecting the wellness of those entrusted to our care.


NTC’s choice for improved health and readiness through caring for our People and their Families.

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Going Green by Design

Renewable energy systems, including a photovoltaic array and a solar thermal array of panels, take advantage of the hospital site's harsh desert sun; though the hospital will draw on the local power grid during the night, it will more than make up for its daytime electricity consumption by harnessing the power of sunlight. By incorporating the best practices of premier health facilities throughout the country, implementing targeted sustainability measures to reach significant milestones for healthcare design, and working collaboratively among military healthcare professionals in a tight, streamlined approach, the design of the Weed Army Community Hospital stands as a substantial accomplishment for military healthcare. Under the US Green Building Council's LEED-BD+C rating system, the design should achieve 87 credits, seven more than required for full Platinum status.

Interiors Designed to Relax, Calm and Heal

Medical, architectural design and industrial construction teams were formed to collaborate to build-in and achieve results that foster best-practices patient care and recovery during initial planning for the new facility.

Visually, The structure is designed to harmonize and compliment its desert location and austere landscape surroundings, offering spectacular views and creating productive, attractive workspaces for staff to work with patients.

The overall design specifically incorporates state-of-the-art technology for clinical care within military hospitals. Integrated operating rooms feature robotic and information systems for careful, efficient management of patient data. These expanded rooms accommodate the newest equipment including digitized radiological equipment. Recovery rooms feature patient lifts and family areas. The project also includes installation of an intrusion detection system and provides connection to the energy monitoring and control system.

This mission-critical project includes the design of a 21,600 square foot replacement hospital, clinic alterations, utility plant building, ambulance shelter, and helipad. Combining state-of-the-art facility design with innovative energy conservation and generation, this facility will be the nation's first carbon-neutral hospital, setting a precedent for future military medical facilities.

Last Updated 06/01/2024

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