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News | Nov. 20, 2023

Weed Army Community Hospital Engages in Multiple Fall Community Events

By Jennifer Langston

1. Oktoberfest Extravaganza (September 24th)

Kicking off the festivities, the MEDDAC Soldier Family Readiness Group joined the community Oktoberfest. Their mission? Operating a food booth that didn't just serve delicious treats but also raised funds for the upcoming Holiday Ball. Who knew fundraising could taste this good?

2. Wellness Night at Fort Irwin Middle School (September 27th)

Our dedicated staff played health heroes at Fort Irwin Middle School's Wellness Night, offering students valuable health resources. It was an evening filled with tips, tricks, and maybe a few magic potions to keep everyone feeling their best.

3. Illuminating the Night - Wave of Light Ceremony (October 16th)

October 16th saw our hospital bathed in the gentle glow of remembrance during the Wave of Light Infant Loss Remembrance Ceremony. Attendees listened intently as a nurse shared her poignant experience with fetal loss, and together, they lit candles to honor precious memories. Mental health professionals and the chaplain were on hand to provide comfort and support, turning this evening into a beacon of healing light.

4. Flu Rodeo Roundup (October 21st) 

Yeehaw! Saddle up, because on October 21st, our annual Flu Rodeo came to town. Cowboys and cowgirls (a.k.a. our amazing staff) lassoed up protection against the flu, ensuring our community stays healthy and strong.

9. Barstow Chamber Military Mixer Magic (October 25th) 

In a splendid soirée on October 25th, our hospital played host to the Barstow Chamber Military Mixer. Picture this – the Barstow community, Barstow Marine Base, and a delightful array of community members and leaders coming together for an evening of mingling, laughter, and perhaps a touch of strategic networking. 

6. Breast Cancer 5K Fun Run Bonanza (October 28th) 

On October 28th, our hospital transformed into a sea of pink for the Breast Cancer 5K Fun Run. With guest speakers, informative sessions, giveaways, and awards, it was a day dedicated to health, awareness, and a dash of friendly competition. The pre-event hype was real, with staff engaging in decorating contests, strutting their stuff in pink attire, a 'Find Pinky' patient contest, and a dazzling display of promotional materials. Oh, and let's not forget the dedication tree – a living testament to our collective commitment to the cause.

7. Spooktacular Trunk or Treat (October 28th)

Double trouble on October 28th! Right after the 5K Fun Run, our creative staff unleashed their spooky side with the annual Halloween Trunk or Treat. Ghosts, goblins, and superheroes galore, this event was a sweet tooth's paradise with a trunkful of treats for all.

8. Thanksgiving Feast for the Soul (November 15th) 

Gratitude filled the air on November 15th as our senior staff donned their aprons and served up smiles at the annual Thanksgiving Lunch. Nearly 300 staff and community members gathered for a turkey dinner extravaganza, savoring the warmth of togetherness and the delicious flavors of the season from our award-winning dining facility.

9. Food Pantry Premiere (November 15th)

Ending the month on a giving note, MEDDAC Preventative Medicine staff organized the first of the monthly food pantries on November 15th. It's not just about treating ailments; it's about nourishing the spirit of our community.

As we wrap up this whirlwind tour of community goodness, we're reminded that Weed Army Community Hospital isn't just a healthcare hub; it's a vibrant tapestry of compassion, camaraderie, and care. Here's to many more shared moments and community celebrations in the days to come!
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