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News | Nov. 1, 2023

Lab Inspections at Fort Irwin and Yuma Proving Ground End with Outstanding Results

By Jennifer Langston

In a triumphant conclusion to the bi-annual laboratory inspection, testing facilities and the blood bank under the Fort Irwin and Yuma Proving Ground umbrella have achieved full accreditation. Each boasting an impeccable record with zero major findings.

On October 3, the main lab at Weed Army Community Hospital's facility faced the rigorous scrutiny of the 2023 College of American Pathologists (CAP) inspection and emerged unscathed, with zero major findings. The lab demonstrated compliance with an astounding 99% adherence rate, meeting 1183 out of over 1200 regulatory requirements. All identified issues were related solely to documentation, causing no disruption to patient care or lab services. However, it's worth noting that the inspection team did raise a pertinent concern regarding staffing levels.

Saebom Carvajal, a Lab Scientist remained optimistic despite the staffing concerns. Carvajal remarked, "The comprehensive inspection provided us with valuable insights and enabled us to identify areas for improvement to our future operations.”

September 14 marked the 2023 CAP inspection for Weed Army Community Hospital's sister laboratory at Yuma Proving Ground, which yielded only two minor deficiencies. The facility excelled with a commendable 99.3% success rate, meeting 298 out of 300 regulatory requirements. SPC Jonathan Martinez an Army Medic at Yuma stated, “By successfully completing the CAP Laboratory inspection, we have demonstrated our unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality services to our beneficiaries and warfighters.”

On September 13, Weed Army Community Hospital's Blood Bank underwent inspections by both the Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies (AABB) and CAP, emerging with zero deficiencies. The WACH Blood Bank achieved a flawless 100% success rate, demonstrating compliance with over 400 regulatory requirements.

These outstanding accomplishments underscore the constant professionalism and yearlong proactivity of Weed Army Community Hospital's laboratory teams. The stringent reputation of CAP as the most rigorous accreditation body validates each facility for a period of two years. Lab Manager 1LT Stacy Carter remarked, “It is an honor to lead this team. They demonstrated the absolute highest standard of care and services by passing with a compliance rate of over 99%.”

With plans to address staffing needs on the horizon, Weed Army Community Hospital remains committed to maintaining and even surpassing these remarkable standards of excellence. LTC Charles Wyatt, Deputy Commander for Administration is optimistic the new fiscal year will yield better results for staffing.

"We are proud of our team’s accomplishments”, LTC Wyatt stated. “Our admin team is working closely with the Defense Health Agency and Army Human Resources Command to bring the WACH lab more staff over the next several months. We’re committed to this community and will fight for the staff and resources necessary to provide the best possible care to our patients.”
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