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News | Oct. 17, 2023

11th ACR Embedded Behavioral Health opens new facility led by TRADOC Officer Instructor of the Year Major Jennifer Frazier

By Jennifer Langston

The mission of the 11th ACR EBH is to provide essential behavioral health services to all 11th ACR Active-Duty Service Members and to offer behavioral health consultation to unit leaders. The Open House event served as an opportunity for 11th ACR Command Teams to visit the new EBH location, meet their aligned BH providers, and learn about the wide range of services available.

The 11th ACR EBH is staffed by a remarkable team of professionals dedicated to the mental health and well-being of service members. Leading this team is Major Jennifer Frazier, a highly recognized and accomplished Chief of the facility. Major Frazier, an LCSW, and CADCI, and BCD brings a wealth of experience and a compassionate approach to her role as the Chief of Embedded Behavioral Health the 11th ACR EBH.

The EBH team also includes key individuals who play crucial roles in providing comprehensive behavioral health care. Corporal Lamon Eison serves as the EBH NCOIC, ensuring the smooth operation of the facility. Specialized care is delivered by BH Technician Specialist Nathan Hernandez, and Mrs. Pamela Cota manages the front desk and medical services assistance. Nurse Case Manager Mrs. Juliana Dumayas ensures coordinated care, and aligned BH providers, Mrs. Sharon Ellison, Dr. Vanessa Bowen, and Mrs. Kahalia Anderson, offer support tailored to service members' unique needs. Further, the team includes EBH Psychiatrist Captain Samuel Fesenmeier, and SUDCC Provider Dr. Perry Crawford, and Social Work Intern Ann Malluwa Wadu reinforcing their commitment to comprehensive mental health care.

The Open House event was structured to facilitate a meaningful connection between the service members and their support team. Command Teams were introduced to their aligned BH providers and provided with valuable information to help them navigate the behavioral health services offered by the 11th ACR EBH.The schedule for the day was as follows:
  • *0900 - 0930:* Opening remarks were delivered by Major Darnell Durrah (Director of Psychological Health), Colonel Michael Story (WACH Commander), and Major Jennifer Frazier. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was conducted by Colonel Story, and presentations were made by Colonel Story, 11th ACR Behavioral Health Officer Captain Lawrence Wesgaites, and EBH Medical Services Assistant Mrs. Pamela Cota. Several distinguished guests attended, including the 11th ACR RCO/CSM, Squadron Command Teams, 11th ACR Chaplains, EBH team members, and community partners.
  • *0930 - 1015:* RSS/11th ACR Troop Command Teams attended the Open House.
  • *1015 - 1100:* 1/11th ACR Troop Command Teams participated in the event.
  • *1100 - 1145:* 2/11th ACR Troop Command Teams also had the opportunity to connect with their aligned BH providers.

Major Jennifer Frazier's leadership and dedication to the 11th ACR Embedded Behavioral Health facility are invaluable to the service members she serves and the community as a whole. Major Frazier has recently received well-deserved recognition for her exceptional contributions prior to her assignment at Weed Army Community Hospital. She was presented with the 2023 TRADOC Officer Instructor of the Year Award, a testament to her commitment and expertise. The award was presented by TRADOC Commander General Gary M. Brito on September 28, 2023, at Fort Eustis, VA. In attendance were the Chief of the Medical Service Corps, Major General Michael J. Talley, and Command Sergeant Major Victor J. Laragione.
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